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PRENATAL WISDOM CLASSES are available as a one-day condensed workshop, a 4-week series, or a private class.

Do you know that you have many choices in birth?  In all the Prenatal Wisdom classes you’ll learn about your options and how to make informed choices.


Do you have a full schedule or live out of town?  Is baby coming soon?  Would you like a refresher class?  The one-day condensed prenatal class is for you!  It’s loaded with the essentials of prenatal education.  Topics include signs of labour, stages of labour and what to do (including when to go to hospital), birth support, interventions, informed decision making, tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour.  Natural and medical options for pain control are discussed, as well as routine procedures.  This class focuses on birth, prep and the immediate postpartum hours.
Regina. $135 for group classes, offered monthly.  Please see below for private class rates and options.

Offered monthly.  Check dates and register here.
Next dates: April 13th, May 4th, June 9th.  More TBA.

Private Prenatal Classes

Group classes are designed to allow for discussion and questions for 6-10 couples and breaks, so the private classes can be done faster.  Favorite options are listed below.  In addition to the options below, you can set up a short class or consultation for specific preparation (e.g. for a planned Caesarean birth) or a sequence of classes tailored to meet your individual needs.  Reserve your spot for Private Classes!  (Scroll down to “Private Prenatal Classes”)

  1. Prenatal-in-a-Day, Squished!  This is a mental prenatal boot-camp version of the 6hr Prenatal in-a-Day group class – 3 hours ($165).  In order to do this in 3 hours, you’ll need to watch the videos ahead of time. We skip information covered in the RGH tour and the Labour Prep Class for Couples (there’s some overlap in the group class) – do all three for optimal birth prep!
  2. Prenatal-in-a-Day.  Taught exactly as in the group class – 4.5 hours ($245).  We can marathon it or break it into 2-3 sessions.
  3. Prenatal-in-a-Day, Squished! plus Birth Plan – 4 hours ($225).  Do the 3 hour version of Prenatal-in-a-day and then apply what you learn to create a winning birth-plan, with guidance from an expert!
  4. The full Prenatal Wisdom Series as a private class – 6 hours ($295) of instruction time. This includes all the info in the Prenatal-in-a-Day class, plus nutrition and postpartum/family/baby/mother care.

The Prenatal Wisdom series

The Series explores options to prepare mentally & physically for a healthy pregnancy & birth, with a focus on pathways to natural childbirth. Pros and cons of interventions will be discussed.  Topics include nutrition, emotional support, holistic health options, signs of labour, stages of labour and what to do (including when to go to hospital), birth support, interventions, informed decisions, tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour, basic breastfeeding & newborn care, and more…  Natural and medical options for pain control are discussed.
natural pain management, and more…
Currently offered only as a private class, in person or via Zoom Video Conference.


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 24 hours or more before the class start time have the following options:
1) Reschedule to another Prenatal-in-a-Day class at no charge.
2) Send someone else in your place at no charge (please notify us of their name(s)).
3) A refund less a $20 administrative fee.
We do not offer a refund for cancellations received less than 24 hours before the class or for people who chose to not attend without notifying us.