Prenatal Classes – All Live but Online

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Do you know that you have many choices in birth?  Learn about your options and how to make informed choices.  BIRTH ESSENTIALS PRENATAL CLASSES are being taught live but online so you can be prepared, learn gold-nugget tips, and ask questions – all from the comfort of home.  Available as a 4-week online series, or as private classes.

Birth Essentials – Prenatal Class Online Series (four 90-minute sessions)

The Birth Essentials Prenatal Class focuses on birth, preparation and the immediate postpartum hours. There are 4 weekly sessions (90 minutes each) you can do from the comfort of your home. It’s loaded with the essentials of prenatal education.

Topics include:

  • Signs of labour
  • Stages of labour and what to do
  • When to go to hospital
  • Birth support
  • Interventions, pain meds & routine procedures
  • Informed decision making
  • Tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour
  • Up-to-date hospital policies and practises

$135 per pregnant person or couple.

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If you missed the start date of the only series that fits your schedule or pregnancy dates, please get in touch as we have some creative ways to ensure you get all the info.

Sat May 09 – 30

Wed May 27 – June 17

Tues Jun 09 – 30

Sat June 27 – July 18

Wed July 08 – 29

Wed Aug 12 – Sep 02

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(If you need a class but the fee is a barrier, please get in touch.)


Private Prenatal Classes

Private classes are available to suit your specific needs and schedule.  $60/hour via online video. Please contact me to make arrangements.


Birth Essentials: Prenatal Class in-a-Day! (Suspended for now – please see online version)

Do you have a full schedule or live out of town?  Is baby coming soon?  Would you like a refresher class?  The one-day condensed prenatal class is for you!  It’s loaded with the essentials of prenatal education.  Topics include signs of labour, stages of labour and what to do (including when to go to hospital), birth support, interventions, informed decision making, tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour.  Natural and medical options for pain control are discussed, as well as routine procedures.  This class focuses on birth, prep and the immediate postpartum hours.
Regina. $135 per pregnant person or couple; offered monthly as a group class.
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Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 24 hours or more before the class start time have the following options:
1) Reschedule to another Birth Essentials Prenatal Class.
2) Send someone else in your place (please notify us of their name(s)).
3) A refund less a $20 administrative fee.
We do not offer a refund for cancellations received less than 24 hours before the class or for people who chose to not attend without notifying us.