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Postpartum Sexuality

Many individuals or couples have questions or concerns about postpartum sexuality. Resuming sexual relations takes time and patience. During the first 6-weeks postpartum, the birth parent’s body is in recovery mode – much more than simply a return to the non-pregnant state! …


Your dedication, love and passion shines through you as a person and as a doula.  Your professionalism, dedication, knowledge and wisdom while providing support (physical and emotional) was and is paramount for our family.  You were such a positive and wonderful part of the love and strength of our daughter’s birth.  You changed our views of what a birth could and can be for the better; you strengthened our bond at home and in the delivery room. As I sit here and admire my daughter and think of her birth I think of you.  As a women and as a mother I commend you. I am grateful to the doula community and to you.

Mary – Banff, AB

After the hospital tour and both of your classes (prenatal-in-a-day and the couples’ class), we feel totally at ease and prepared now to handle a natural birth.  Actually looking quite forward to it!

Shandel – Regina SK