Have an easier & healthier pregnancy, labour and birth!

Articles of Interest

Perineum Care

CALENDULA PADS – For swelling, pain, heat.  Make 5-10 pads 6 weeks before due date. Calendula flowers promote healing and are soothing when applied topically. Calendula Mixture: Make tea from dried calendula leaves (1 full tea ball per cup water…

Labour Drinks

“Labouraid” and broths are excellent for hydration, energy and electrolytes.  They help keep the powerful forces of labour progressing.  Stock the ingredients at home and prepare at the first sign of labour.  Or make ahead (this is a great task…


I agree!

Jill Binder

After the hospital tour and both of your classes (prenatal-in-a-day and the couples’ class), we feel totally at ease and prepared now to handle a natural birth.  Actually looking quite forward to it!

Shandel – Regina SK