“You”, “your” refers to client.  “I”, “me”, “we”, “our” refers to Angie Evans and/or Karen Herriot.

Service Provided:

  • Angie Evans and Karen Herriot are both Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists, and process placentas in the same manner and using the same equipment.
  • All methods of encapsulation are practiced using OSHA standards and are subject to strict hygiene standards, and to the best of our awareness of Environmental Health.
  • Details are covered on our Placenta Services page and in the Placenta Capsules FAQs.
  • Your personal information is confidential and only shared between ourselves.
  • Processing takes 1-3 days from the time of pick-up.

Client Obligations:

  • Please enter our cell numbers into your phone so you have them handy.
  • Print Birth Bag Note and keep it with your birth bag – it has all the details you’ll need (can also be accessed online).
  • Have a container in your birth-supplies, to be used as a back-up in case your birth attendants don’t provide one.  Instructions are in the Birth Bag Note.
  • If possible, please text when you go into labour to give a ‘heads up’ (only 8am-9pm).
  • Inform your birth attendants / hospital staff that you plan to keep your placenta (verbally or in Birth Plan).
  • Text to let us know placenta is born, between 8am – 9pm.  If birth occurs between 9pm – 8am then keep placenta chilled as outlined in Birth Bag Note.
  • If payment isn’t arranged ahead of time, then please provide cash or e-transfer when placenta is picked up.  Fees are outlined below.
  • Please complete this online Consent Form / agreement.

Fees are due before we start the processing of your placenta. Fees are outlined below.  Please check the appropriate boxes.  We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash with placenta.
  • Cheque (dated 2 weeks before your due-date) to “A. Evans OR K. Herriot” (not “and”) mailed and received by 37 weeks.
  • E-transfer to karenherriot(at)gmail(dot)com .

Cancellation policy: If you cancel at anytime before we pick up your placenta, then all fees are waived.  If you prepaid then all placenta encapsulation fees are returned.  All fees are payable once the placenta has been picked up.

Distance Processing (for out-of-town clients):  If you give birth in Regina we’ll pick up your placenta. For out of town birth, please package and send the placenta as outlined in the Distance Instructions. If you’re shipping the placenta, it must be pre-paid (paid for when and where it’s dropped off for shipping).  If we’re shipping the capsules to you, please add an additional $20, as outlined in the fees.  There is no extra fee if you arrange for pick-up (e.g. friend, family) or put it on your courier account.

You consent to having your placenta handled and processed by Angie Evans and/or Karen Herriot.  You agree that Karen Herriot and Angie Evans are not liable and do not take responsibility for any results or effects you may experience before, during or after the placenta encapsulation. The process of encapsulation is based on research, documentation and testimonials.  You understand that Karen and Angie are not prescribing or diagnosing with this service.

Privacy: Your information stays with us and is only used for us to contact you.  We are vaults of privacy!  Comes with this line of work.