Regina Hospital Tours for Birth Prep – Live but Online

For now these tours are being done live but through video. You will learn where to go, tips, and be more prepared for your birth. You can ask questions and get the tour from the comfort and safety of home.

More dates will be added as needed.

Learn and see:

– where to park
– which doors to use at various times of the day or night
– where and how to do admitting
– the path to the birth unit from the main entrance
– the birth unit
– the mother-baby unit
– a birth room (unless they’re all full)
– a postpartum room (unless they’re all full)

– the location of other spots such as the NICU, Multi-Faith Centre, Hostel.

Requested fee of $15 per pregnant person or couple / team.

However, no one will be turned away for lack of payment.

More dates will be added as needed.

(Free tours sponsored by YMCA will resume in late March or April, also with Angie as tour guide.)