Regina Hospital Tours for Birth Prep – Online

RGH Tours are currently being done with a live instructor/tour-guide online. Ask questions and get the tour from the comfort and safety of home. You will learn where to go, get tips, and be more prepared for your birth. The most up to date policies will be presented.  This tour is included in the Prenatal Essentials Series.   

Angie was leading the in-hospital tours before visitation restrictions were implemented. We made videos and took lots of photos to create an excellent online tour. You can now do the tour from the comfort of your own space as an On-Demand / Learn On Your Own Schedule class. 

(We also offer Online Prenatal Classes, which includes this tour. A coupon is provided upon signing up for the prenatal classes.)

Learn and see:

  • Where to park at RGH
  • Which doors to use at various times of the day or night
  • Where and how to navigate C-19 screening and the registration desks
  • The path to the birth unit from the main entrance
  • The birth unit and a birth room
  • The mother-baby unit and a postpartum room
  • The location and info about outlets and services available in the hospital
  • Up-to-date policies and procedures for birthing in general and also considering C-19.

$15 per pregnant person or couple as a stand alone product.
(It’s included in our Birth Essentials Prenatal Series).

Sign up for the 1-hour RGH Tour as an On-Demand / Learn On Your Own Schedule class.

No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay; please get in touch.  

My partner and I took Angie’s prenatal course and we have found it incredibly valuable. Angie presents information in a comprehensive and neutral way so that you can make better decisions in your birth planning. It’s nice to have a resource that knows the processes and staff at the Regina hospital – I feel so much more prepared. Thanks Angie!

– Meaghan Anna

My wife and I attended a session last night. Well laid out and the information was clear and concise. Ample opportunities were provided by Angie for two-way communication. Most importantly it was a value add for us as first-time parents so we had a better awareness of the ins and outs of the overall process.

One thing I really appreciated is it was not presented in a way that was biased to a specific process, options were laid out for awareness to the attendees, Highly recommend especially for the partner so you have some concept of what to do when it’s time. Thanks, Angie.

– Jared Bundus

Angie was with us during my daughter’s first birth. Her grounded presence helped me remain calm and remember to breathe. That calm overflowed to my son in law and onto my daughter as we supported her. Now with baby #2 about to arrive, I took the virtual hospital tour with Angie last night. She is so organized and confident, I feel that peace even through zoom.

Linda Yablonski