Couples at Prenatal Class

This hands-on information is not covered in any other local prenatal classes!  Tips, tales and practical stuff to help you feel more prepared for labour.

This was by far the most useful class we took!  It helped us so much in labour with the actual hands-on practise and learning what some of our options are!” (C & S, 2017).    

We will practise many labour positions and provide ideas for what the birth partner can do to help. Learn about medical informed consent (and how to really get it) so you both feel more control during the birth experience.

Topics include comfort measures that really work, positions for labour/birth, massage techniques, communicating effectively with each other and medical caregivers, strategies for avoiding unnecessary interventions.  We squeeze over 35 years of experience being doulas into a 2 hour session of fun and movement.

Suitable for first-time couples or parents having their subsequent kids.  Doulas and other support people welcome!

2 hrs, Regina.
$50 / pregnant woman, including her birth partner(s)

Offered monthly.  Current available dates from which to choose (all 7-9pm):
Mon Aug 20
Sun Sept 9
(more TBA)

Please contact me for more info or register here.

* Our definition of “couple” is the pregnant woman and her birth partner, which in our classes has included mother’s partner/husband/wife/spouse, a friend or relative, a doula.  Women may bring more than one birth partner at no extra charge.

The facilitators
Angie Evans and Karen Herriot, experienced childbirth educator, doula, breastfeeding counsellor and pre and post natal yoga instructor.