Doula supporting a labouring woman

Doulas provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support through pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.  This support results in more positive birth outcomes.

Doulas are experts in non-pharmaceutical pain relief through a variety of positions, comfort measures, massage techniques, acupressure, breathing techniques and nourishment.

Benefits of Doula Support.
Studies demonstrate that doula presence correlates with:

  • 50% reduction in overall cesarean rate
  • 25% decrease in length of labor
  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use
  • 60% less requests for epidural
  • Less painful labor and delivery

Doulas compliment and enhance the father or birth-partner ’s role.  The whole family benefits through increased family bonding, healthier babies, positive breastfeeding relationships, and less postpartum depression.

Doula FAQs

A Bit About My Doula Services
I have attended more than 200 births in over 15 years, in homes, hospitals and birth-centres, and with a variety of midwives, doctors, and nurses.  I’m experienced in several childbirth preparation methods (e.g. Hypnobirthing), with VBAC births, multiples, water-birth, high-risk and of course normal labour and birth .  You can look up my credentials here.

My role as a doula is to create a safe cocoon within which you can labour and give birth as you desire.  Your prenatal appointments are set up intentionally to get to know each other and get prepared before you go into labour.  I’ll become familiar with you and your partner, and your specific preferences, needs, and wishes.  To assist you in creating a personalized birth plan, I can provide educational resources and information based on years of experience.

One of my objectives is to protect the memory of your birth, no matter where or how you choose to birth.  My most sincere wish is that you look back on this birth with fond memories and feelings of satisfaction, and that your new baby’s birthday is a wonderful, empowering event!

I offer a complimentary meeting to chat about what kind of support you’d like, what kind of support we offer, and to learn what your needs & birth wishes are.  Most importantly it’s an opportunity for us to find out if it feels right to work together.  In an ideal world only people with whom you feel totally comfortable would be invited to such an important event!
Questions to ask when interviewing a doula (.pdf)

Please contact me for more information.