Create an Effective Birth Plan

Create birth plan

Let me help you create an effective document that builds bridges with your care providers while helping you get what you want.  Through this process you’ll learn about options and choices for your birth. 

Almost everyone on the medical team will have access to your birth plan.  But will they read and understand it, or hastily put it aside?  A good birth-plan must be easy to read, concise, and unique to you.  We’ll discuss options for your care and routine procedures used in a variety of birth settings, so you can decide what’s important to you.  You’ll leave with a clearly outlined  wish-list, written in a positive manner that your care-providers will read.

OPTION 1: This is a private consultation where we create and prepare a plan for you during our time together ($85 for 90 minutes; book here). In this meeting you’ll learn a lot about what your options are and will be surprises at how many choices you have in birth.

OPTION 2: This is also a private consultation. If you already have your birth plan drafted or made and would like advice on making it an excellent plan, then I can help you determine what to keep, what to ditch, how to reword it if needed, and likely some other things to consider. You’ll leave with a good solid birth plan ($60 for 1-hour; book here).  If we finish before the hour is up, then you’re welcome to ask me any questions related to pregnancy and birth to complete the rest of your hour.

My doula clients enjoy this service as a complimentary part of my birth-support services.