Details about my doula work…

Hello!  Here’s some more info you might wish to know before booking an intro meeting.

My doula services will prepare you for your birth and early postpartum.  This includes prenatal appointments, continuous support during labour and birth, basic postpartum support, extensive educational support (e-mails, info documents, referrals to local health practitioners, help with birth-plans and sibling-prep), a Directory for the Childbearing Year, a Roadmap to Optimal Birth Prep, and a Postpartum Prep list.  My clients have access to my lending library of books and videos.

Prenatal appointments are set up intentionally to get to know each other and unpack as much as possible before you go into labour.  I’ll become familiar with you and your partner, and your specific preferences, needs, and wishes, and help you create a birth plan or vision.

I offer a variety of birth doula support packages ranging from $900-1600.  (If you’d like to find options for birth preparation at lower fees – starting from $15, then please see Birth Support on a Budget.)

If you’re interested in meeting to learn more, please set up a complimentary meeting.  We’ll chat about the support you are seeking, what your needs & birth wishes are, and I can to explain how it works to work with me – how doula support makes a difference, what it is, and other details to help you make an informed decision about your care.  Most importantly it’s an opportunity for us to find out if it feels right to work together.  In an ideal world only people with whom you feel totally comfortable would be invited to such an important event!

You might wish to check out my Doula-FAQs and Questions to ask when interviewing a doula (.pdf)

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.