Directory for Practitioners and Community Resources – Regina

Note:  There may be other resources, services and practitioners in Regina and area that are not listed.  In most cases we’ve heard good feedback from our clients and/or colleagues about these resources, but we haven’t worked directly with every practitioner in this directory.

These are in alphabetical order by modality.  Practitioners within each group are listed in no particular order.


Lauren Straub   (306) 565-1747
Diana Zhang  (306) 584-9888
Can do inductions, labour prep, turn fetus out of breech or OP.

Breastfeeding Help

La Leche League – LLL Regina   (306) 584-5600.  Meets monthly 2nd Wed, 7pm.  Call for other meeting times, locations, and help between meetings.
Linda Cheston, IBCLC, Private Lactation Consultant, home visits   (306) 586-4930
Dr. Deloris Logan, Family Doctor who does lactation consulting even for non-clients      (306)543-7880

Online resources for breastfeeding
Dr. Jack Newman –

La Leche League or
Breastfeeding Inc. –
The World’s Breastfeeding Resource –

Breast Health – Breast massage
Christie Langen, RMT   (306) 550-7681

Chiropractor – prenatal care, postpartum care, infant care

Trained and specialized in pregnancy (including the Webster technique) and paediatrics .

Dr. Charla Borowski, Crossroads Chiropractic (306) 205-7777
Dr. Garth LaPlante, Queen City Chiropractic (306) 721-3338 (maternal and newborn postpartum care; offers maternal prenatal care but not Webster) 
Dr. Nicole Munro, Flow Health Centre (306) 352.3569
Dr. David Millar, Avord Chiropractic (306) 525-3388 (adults only)
Dr. Shyla Robertson-Bitz, Flow Health Centre (306) 352.3569

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Christie Langen, RMT   (306) 550-7681 (prenatal & postpartum maternal care, newborn care)
Grace Howlett, Touched By Grace Wellness Studio      (306) 533-6549  (adults only)

Crisis – Community Resources

Isabel Johnson Shelter, YWCA                             306-525-2141
Regina Transition House                                     306-569-2292
Sofia House                                                          306-565-2537
WISH Safe House                                                 306-543-0493
Sexual Assault Line                                             306-352-0432.  Please call 306-536-1190 (after 4:30)
Mobile Crisis Services                                         306-757-0127
Rescue Mission                                                    306-543-0011
Fort Qu’Appelle Haven Safe Shelter                    306-332-6881

Emotional Support / Stress Reduction –

See also Crisis, Healthlines, Hypnotherapy, Loss, Mental Health, Natural Health, Postpartum Doula sections.
La Leche League (see Breastfeeding section)

Healthlines and Hospitals

SK Healthline – Dial 811.   Confidential support and info, provided by public health professionals 24/7.
Women’s Health
Infant & Toddler Health
RGH main switch-board: (306) 766-4444
All Nations Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle  (306) 332-5611
Women’s Health Center, All Nations’ Healing Hospital  (306) 332-2673

Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing Classes

Cheryl Lloyd at Tranquil Journeys   (306) 540-8201
Marie Berwald at Birth Bliss (306) 502-5477

Loss / Grief

Marlene Jackson, Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (Pasqua Hospital): 306-766-2384 .  Facilitates Bearing Loss:  a support group for families grieving through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination, stillbirth, newborn or neonatal death.  Meets monthly (first Tuesday of each month) at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (3510 Queen Street).  Marlene also provides individual counselling.

RQHR – Grief Support – Perinatal Loss Support System.  A program to assist families through miscarriage, termination, stillborn or newborn death.  They have in hospital resources such as nurses to provide support and information, arrange for Medical Social Worker or Chaplain.  Medical Social Workers can be contacted directly at (306) 766-4210.

RQHR Maternity Visiting Program (306) 766-3700.  Public Health nurses who visit you after your discharge.

Silent Hearts – Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk and Run (Regina) – Facebook group:

The Compassionate Friends of Canada- monthly meetings.  306-761-0974.

Online Support for Perinatal Loss
Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc.
Healing Hearts –  – Dedicated to infant loss and the healing thereafter. Also a facebook group:


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Massage Therapy – Prenatal & Postpartum

Jackie Schlamp  (online booking)  306-205-6553 
Heather Ireland – heatherlireland(at)  306-737-6361
Christie Langen, RMT   (306) 550-7681

Mental Health and Postpartum Mood Disorders

Private Counselors, Regina:
Gladys Behnsen  (306) 347-9967 (trauma)
Jill Rodgers (306) 525-1999
Scott Engler (Pre- and Perinatal Trauma)
Dr. Gabriela Pitariu (306) 351-0303
Jody Council (306) 501-5958
Jillian Hand 1 (709) 689-1626
Kayla Huszars
Liesel Teversham

Regina Organizations:
Regina Mental Health Clinic,      2110 Hamilton St:  (306) 766-7800
Canadian Mental Health Association – Sask. Division, 702 12th Ave, Regina SK:   1-800-461-54832
4 Directions Mental Health Clinic: (306) 766-7540

Moose Jaw:
MJ PPD Support Group  postpartum.moosejaw(at)
Canadian Mental Health Assoc. MJ Branch  cmha.mj(at)
MJ Mental Health and Addition Services  306-691-6464

Online Resources for Mental Health and Postpartum Depression or Mood Disorders
The Smiling Mask


Regina Qu’appelle Health Region  Midwifery Program  (306) 766-6433   midwifery(at)
Fort Qu’appelle Women’s Health Center, All Nations’ Healing Hospital, Collaborative Maternity Care Program.  (306) 332-2673   debbie.vey(at)

Natural Medicine – Naturopaths (ND)

Dr. Jonathan Bablad at Head to Heal Wellness   (306) 543-4325
Dr. Vanessa DiCicco   at Head to Heal Wellness   (306) 543-4325
Dr. Laura Stark      (306) 757-4325

Nutritional Consultation

Angie Evans     306-216-8116
Also see NDs above.


Barbara Schultze, Elan Clinic    (306) 347-3001

Physiotherapy – Pelvic Floor Specialists

Rachel at Stapleford Physio 306-543-0990. There are 2 pelvic floor physios at Stapleford.
Megan Armbruster-Stephen at Regina Sports & Physiotherapy 306-522-4995

Postpartum Depression

see Mental Health section

Postpartum Support Group

Sage Herriot
Jana Stockham

Postpartum Doulas 

Doulas of Regina   has a list.

Anna Baker – also teaches baby-wearing and classes to plan for postpartum life with mother and baby.

Reflexology for pregnancy, labour prep and postpartum

Jill Bullock (online booking) 306-539-3954
Lawrence MacLellan (306) 569-2202


Groovy Mama     (306) 347-2229.   3206 13th Ave, Regina, SK (Cathedral)
Hello Baby     (306) 757-2229.   2555 Quance St. E,  Regina  SK  (East end)
Head to Heal Wellness Centre in Cathedral (Angus & 13th)   (306) 757-3200

Yoga – Prenatal and Postpartum

Marie Berwald at Bodhi Tree        (306) 721-1871   3104 13th Ave, Regina, SK
Sarah Garden offers private yoga therapy sessions.