Details About Placenta Processing

The fee to process your placenta is $185 for single placentas, including pick-up and delivery within Regina city limits. We also provide encapsulation services for multiple-placentas and out of town clients.

If you’d like to go ahead and reserve your spot, please go to our Placenta Set Up page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.


Here’s a sample of the feedback from our clients:

I was so pleased to have chosen Karen to encapsulate my placenta. She was prompt with the service, answered my many questions, and provided great information and resources about placenta ingestion. Jess

The placenta processing was great! She just took care of it. The next day we were back from the hospital and she stopped by with the pills. I took 3 capsules in the morning and afternoon. They felt like my happy pills!! I felt great and had energy that I didn’t have with my first birth. In addition my recover time was substantially less. I’m sure the placenta pills helped!! Thanks! Jill

After the birth of our daughter, it was such a blessing to know that my wish to keep and ingest the placenta was honored and taken care of with such respect and professionalism. Jennifer

I just wanted to thank you for how quickly you provided your services. My milk came in the day after my child was born, after taking the pills just once. I really didn’t expect it to come in that soon, especially following a caesarean section! Brenda

I was so happy with my pills and the whole experience I had with you! They truly made a difference and I have been telling anyone who is interested about the experience I had. I ended up not needing them all (which is evidence to me that they helped stabilize my hormones quicker) so the remainder are sitting in my freezer should I need them! I wish I had known about this with my previous pregnancies. Life is great and my healthy baby will be 9 months on Friday already! I am thankful that you provide this service!

They really are happy pills. A couple times I was really exhausted and frustrated and felt like I would start crying and not be able to stop. Took three pills and felt a lot better in a short amount of time. So now that baby is getting fussy in the evening sometimes I’m saving them for those occasions. I took the capsules religiously at first but now they are almost gone so I am conserving them for days when I need them.

Yes I am very much enjoying the capsules! I refer to them as ‘pure gold!’ I started them Tuesday afternoon & didn’t notice too much, on Wednesday I took them twice a day and both times within 1/2 an hour or so I had a huge wave of energy; I have also noticed it has helped a lot with the few emotional outbursts I have experienced this first week postpartum. Today I am feeling more and more myself (aside from being a bit sleep deprived!). I feel like my hormones are beginning to balance out more and more and I feel the capsules are playing a very large role in that. Every day I have taken them, my energy level is SO strong; it’s pretty phenomenal actually! Even today my midwife was surprised at how much my uterus has shrunk. I am not sure the capsules played a role in this, but I wouldn’t be surprised!

I am feeling awesome and am loving the capsules very much! Thank you for checking in, and thank you for the capsules! 🙂