Placenta Encapsulation – Birth Bag Note

To Prepare:

  • Ensure birth-plan includes “we will be keeping our placenta” or just let staff know (you don’t have to say what you’re doing with it – unless you want to).
  • Print this Birth-Bag Note so you know what to do, when, and place in your birth-bag.  (Birth Bag Note as printable .pdf)
  • Please put an envelope with cash payment in your birth-bag if you plan to pay cash. If you’ve been unable to send us the signed contract, please add that to the envelope.
  • Put a back-up container in your birth-bag:
    • The RGH container is our fave; if they offer, please use it. The lid is loose so it has to be put into a leak-proof bag (e.g. XL zip-lock) for added security.
    • Other options: a 2L ice-cream pail or any disposable plastic, lidded, container (about 30 x 20 x 5cm) and a size XL zip-lock bag.
    • Two large zip-lock freezer bags will do in a pinch.

Labour:  If possible, we like a heads-up text if labour starts during work hours (8am-9pm).

Birth:  Please put placenta in a container ready for pick-up.

  • Between 8am-9pm: Text both Angie & Karen when the placenta is ready for pick-up.
  • Birth between 9pm-8am: Chill the placenta and text both Angie & Karen after 8am for pickup.  PLEASE DO NOT TEXT/CALL AT NIGHT.

Note: If you text and get no response within 45 minutes then please chill the placenta.  Be assured we’ll respond ASAP. This is rare and likely means we’re at a birth.


  • Your nurse or midwife will usually put the placenta in the container for you.
  • If placenta is not being picked up right away, then keep it cold – in a fridge or cooler, or on ice. To ice the placenta, put a couple scoops of ice / ice-bag / ice-pack into container; or keep the container on top of the bag of ice – the cold goes through the plastic.

Placenta Pickup:  We will text you when we arrive and then meet you just outside your unit (either Labour/Birth or Mother/Baby) or at your front door (home birth).

Capsules Delivery:  The caps take 2-3 days to prepare.  We’ll text to arrange a delivery time and place, either at RGH or at your home in city limits.  Other arrangements are available for out of town clients.

Thank-you, Karen Herriot 306-529-5753 and Angie Evans 306-216-8116